Saturday 14 February 2015

Surreal Afternoon

Pampers nappies (diapers to those reading not from the UK) are advertising their stuff using music that I never, ever associated with babies.  It's this one here - We Will Rock You, by Queen.  I always thought of it as edgy.  Pampers have synched up cute babies banging cots.  It really isn't the same.

Then bear started explaining zombie snails to me.  There's a link to the YouTube Video by National Geographic here, if you have the stomach for it.  It's about parasites in the snails brains.  Yeurch.

And here is a picture from Wiki Commons, taken by Charlesjsharp, that has helped to cheer me up after too much graphic nature.

Teenage boys don't get better when it comes to yeurch, do they?  Darn.  If bear is like this at eight, I am investing in ear plugs.

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