Friday, 27 February 2015

World Book Day

I thought I had got away with it, but no.  There had been a blessed silence from school about the whole subject of World Book Day, I thought I was safe from the scramble to dress up.  Today I got a letter saying bear was supposed to be going to school in Fancy Dress for World Book Day next Thursday.  That is, the 5th of March.  That is, six days away.  Darn.

Bear had already discussed the plan to make him lots of fancy dress costumes when I learned how to sew.  I was carefully selling him the plan that I do something outside the house like take a sewing class and I was using potential dressing up clothes as a positive point, because obviously I shouldn't be doing anything without him outside the house.  I looked at the letter and my heart sank.  Bear makes meaningful noises about the sewing machine.  Darn.

I have six days to find a pattern, learn to use the dratted sewing machine, buy the material, buy more material when it goes wrong, use cut up duvets to practice on, still not get the dratted pattern and send bear to school as Horrid Henry - which bear is strenuously opposing.

You know, I'm grinning about it, because it is an awesome opportunity to get kick started, even if it does go crazily wrong.  It will be fun!

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