Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Why do I do it?

I bought that sweater thingy yesterday.  It will be ideal for the school run.  I didn't need it though.  It was £16 and I didn't need to get it.  I was trying to show bear that ladies sometimes shopped for clothes.  Bear did not really approve of my taste.  I grew up among punk and New Romantics.  Anything in anyway not safe was not approved of.  I mean, I looked at a pair of boots with chains on and bear was appalled.  They weren't even particularly punk, just a bit of decoration.  As it was, I ended up buying something he wanted me to buy.  Fail.

I also didn't do a lot of dither.  I just had a quick look round.  I usually just think what I want, research, get it.  Or I dive into a shop, look only at what I want and dive out.  I am ruthlessly efficient in charity shops.  Bear will have to get his experience of shopping as a hobby from my sister in law.  Of course, bear is sadly used to his mother having a bit of a dizzy do and strange things appearing in the post as well, so he has at least an experience of the random shape of shopping.

These are the sort of shoes I'd like to wear (but perhaps a little spikier)

What bear would approve of is more like this

Poor bear.


  1. Goodness, if you can walk in things on spikes like that, I am in awe! I am with Bear on this one....I'm a walking boots all the way woman, nice and flat! The only "shoes" I have with anything resembling a heel are some winter boots with a fairly sturdy heel....

  2. S - be yourself !
    wear what you want to wear, you sound like a truly individual who is being stifled.
    Don't live your life according to your (much loved) son, it seems he is exerting quite a bit of control, even at his young age.
    If you want to wear spikey shoes, provided you can walk safely in them, then do so. Don't turn into 'safe' before your time !
    Go for it girl ... !