Friday 3 March 2017

Frame Myself

I first came upon the expression 'frame yourself' when I moved to Yorkshire.  I'd never heard it before, but it's a very useful expression.  To 'frame yourself' means to pull yourself together, get your truck in gear, get moving with purpose, to stop naffraffing around, etc etc.  It's what I really need to do.

I was coming back from the hospital yesterday (nothing serious) and I wanted to call in at PC World (who didn't have what I wanted) but on the very short walk between the bus stop and PC World I passed MegaValue.  I went in.  It was a mistake.

It wasn't a mistake as such because it is an interesting store with lots of cut price bits and pieces.  I bought a reasonably sized picture frame to make into a type of white board thingy.  If it happens I will share, but it was remarkably inexpensive.  I bought a small jar to keep the extremely inexpensive cloves I have ordered from eBay to simmer as an air freshener, which was again a very good deal.  However I picked up something that was on sale, and isn't on their website.  It is a king sized, polar fleece bed set.  That is, it is a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and two pillowcases made from polar fleece.  I can't imagine that, I think it would get very sweaty unless the room was very cold indeed.  I may keep the fitted sheet for under the proper sheet in winter, and I could get some nice pillows and use the pillowcases and have them on the chairs and sofa.  However the flat sheet is purely for fabric.  On my friend eBay, most polar fleece is around £4.99 a metre at 60 inches (150cm) wide.  This set was originally £25.  I got it for £11.25.  If I used it all for fabric I would have the fitted sheet which is 60 x 79 inches or 152 x 200cm, the two pillowcases that are two layers of 20 inches x 30 inches or 51 x 76 cm and the flat sheet which is 98 x 110 inches or 249 x 279cm.  It currently looks like this...

It is seriously red and I have no idea whatsoever of what project I could use it for.  I have curtains to make, a stash to bust and a heap of things to get sorted.  I really do not need swathes of utterly scarlet polar fleece!  Besides, I have writing, and trying to earn some money, and housework...

I need to frame myself.


  1. Another Yorkshire saying is that they're "starving" for being cold. Have you heard that one? My husband thought someone was being rude when he first heard it thinking that the person, a guest of my mother's, was hungry, but they were commenting on the weather. How things can get misunderstood.

    Joan (Wales)

  2. What a bargain for all that fleece.
    I the past....used fleece as the middle layer of a patchwork quilt and it works very well-x-

  3. You got a good bargain on the polar fleece - do a search for polar fleece projects and there are tons of ideas! Including no-sew throws, ponchos, cushions, etc. Have fun!