Wednesday 1 March 2017

Still Shopping

I didn't do too bad in Wilkos.  I went in there for white thread and generic black poster paint and walked very briskly past other things.  It almost worked.  I also picked up one of those small spray bottles used for stuff like perfume.  I want to put a vinegar mix in there and use it for mirrors and windows.

One of the things I walked briskly past was the display of decorating supplies, and I didn't walk quickly enough.  I am determined that bear's room is going to be done by the end of March, and there is only thirty days to go!  Last year we watched the programme 'Shop Well for Less' which showed that Wilkos budget brand paint was just as good as most expensive brands and better than some.  I brought home a colour chart thingy.

Bear was entirely indifferent.  As long as it is a sort of light grey he doesn't care.  I think it will be depressing but bear doesn't see colour the same way - literally.  I had to ring the school up yesterday to remind them that the optician had diagnosed him colourblind and when he had a maths question that involved him sorting out greens and browns, purples and blues and yellows and oranges he didn't have a chance.  They were very nice about it.

I've decided we will go with Wilkos.  Not only are they good enough for a bedroom that will need re-doing sooner that I would like, but they deliver and I can get cashback.  They do a lot of fun stuff on their website.

I am suffering badly from writer's block so I apologise for anyone who is waiting for the next installment from the White Hart.  However if anyone would like to try some creative writing themselves please dip into the Light and Shade Challenge.  It's a Welsh theme this week, with it starting on St David's Day, and the picture is of Conwy Castle.

I also saw this video.  It's how to weave a smallish bag out of scrap fabric.  I am desperately intrigued by it.   I have a massive stash of fabric and it looks a perfect way to use stuff up, so I thought I would share.  


  1. Beautiful castle! Very inspiring.

    Sounds like a good choice of paint. Sometimes it's just as good as the really expensive stuff.

  2. What a coincidence....I have a Wilko colour chart right here by the keyboard and I am looking at greys too...but for the living room-x-

  3. Enquiring minds want to know - is Dave the new paladin? Hope the writer's block is washed/blown away soon by this horrid weather we are having.