Tuesday 28 February 2017

We had Pancakes!

I did pancakes.  Bear said that he wasn't looking forward to them as he had had too many of them last summer and had become sickened by them.  I said that it was Pancake Day, he could put maple syrup on it and get over it.  We were having pancakes when he got home as a snack then we would have a proper dinner.  So I actually made the actual pancakes without burning anything and bear tucked in.  Half an hour later he asked me to make another batch.  I was a cruel mother and made him wait until after dinner.  He strongly suggested that they would be perfect tomorrow.  I am not rushing into it, though they are a great snack.

Dinner was bought falafel (which were very pleasant) with samphire (meant to go with the mackerel yesterday but I forgot it), steamed cauliflower and roasted carrot, parsnip and onion.  I weakened and got another veg box.  We will never get through it.  If I trusted my freezer more, or if I could actually use it, then I'd make a shedload of soup and stash it for lunches.  Tomorrow I am facing a marrow.  It isn't big enough to stuff, and I'm not making chutney or jam as I can't be trusted with boiling sugar.  I found a recipe for marrow cake (here, if you're interested) but I can't face it.  I feel deep in my soul that some things should never be made into cake and marrow is one of those things.  I also have half a cauliflower that is bigger than most of the cauliflower in the shops and DH and I can't have cheese.  We may be looking at cauliflower 'rice'.


  1. Eeeeeewwww.....I'm with you on the marrow-x-

  2. Surprisingly it is actually good in a loaf or a cake. It ends up tasting a bit like carrot cake, at least with the recipes I use it does. I sometimes put raisins in it. We end up with an abundance of them and seem to be the only thing the deer doesn't eat!

    I've ended up making my own veggie soup a lot this winter. Over here even veggie soup seems to have chicken broth in it.

  3. Glad that bear liked the pancakes, after all!

    I believe what you call marrow is what is known as zucchini over here? If that is so, then, I make zucchini bread, quite often (it is actually more of a cake than a bread, as it is so sweet, but it is called "bread" over here) and it is one of my favorites (prefer it to banana bread/cake). Hope you'll give it a try and see if you like it.