Friday 24 February 2017

I Lost My Black Pudding

I lost my black pudding.  That is not a euphemism.  I was raised in the North West of England and it's something that was always in the background.  I quite liked it now and again.

About a year ago I thought I would quite like a small slice and that is when I found that the standard black pudding has gluten.  It's funny how when something is forbidden it suddenly becomes so desirable.  A nice component of a full English suddenly looked a lot tastier.

I have found that Morrisons do a gluten free black pudding.  Yesterday I cut a few slices, about a quarter of it, and heated them through on the griddle.  I really enjoyed it.  It was on the bland side compared to the slices we used to get from the local butcher on the Wirral, but it hit the spot.

I can't find the rest of it anywhere.  I have searched, but yesterday my mind was elsewhere and all I know is that three quarters of a black pudding didn't make it back to the fridge.  I remember at one point I tried to put it in the drawer where I keep the plastic bags, but it's a blur afterwards.

I'm going to have to pull the kitchen to pieces.  It's most likely that I threw it out in a fit of insanity but I can't risk finding a decomposing black pudding down the back of the baked beans in a month's time.  I am also really sad, because it was so lovely to have it when I thought it was a taste that I'd never have again.

So there is a bright side - the kitchen will be a lot cleaner and probably emptier.  Also, Morrisons will deliver on Monday with an order that includes a gluten free black pudding.  I shall take good care of it.


  1. Oh, I do hope you find your black pudding, before it spoils! Must admit I've never had any, myself.

  2. I don't know if this will help Lyssa....but you are not alone. I once put the iron in the fridge when I had done with it instead of putting it back in the cupboard.
    Hope you find your black pudding-x-

  3. Hi Lyssa , whereabouts on the Wirral? I grew up in Prenton, then Bromborough (now in Wales) , Mum is from Bebington , still lives in Irby. Lorraine.

  4. Lol hope you find it soon and doesn't take you as long to find that as it did my lost bag of scissors. I found them after a year of looking!