Friday 3 February 2017

Watching the Date

Aldi have a sale on Fat Quarters from next Thursday, 9th February.  They are stocking 6 Fat Quarters for £3.99 while stocks last.

I've never used fat quarters.  I see loads of them around on eBay and lots of ideas for them on YouTube but I've not gone for them.  However I think that 6 Fat Quarters of 100% cotton for £3.99 is probably a great deal.

If the wind is in the right direction and the traffic is playing nicely I can drop bear off and get the hourly bus that goes to Aldi from the bus stop outside the school.  It has to have all the stars in the right position as the bus is due at the bus stop at 8:55 and that is when the doors technically open for bear.  Then I can go to Aldi, dither over the Fat Quarters and pick up other goodies while I'm there.  I did an Aldi shop this morning.  I spent @ £45 and that included pyjamas for DH.  I got some meat for dinner tonight and tomorrow, some fruit and veg, some fizzy cola for me, some breakfast bars and juice for bear and some yogurts for us all.  But do I really need the fat quarters?  The short answer to that is absolutely and categorically that I do not need the fat quarters.  Really I ought to actively work against the lure of the fabric.  I have a stash without purpose.  I really don't need to add to it.  But it's such a bargain.  They seem to have inexpensive yarn as well on sale that day as well.

Actually, I've just done the maths.  The price would be £3.99 for the equivalent of 1.5 metres of dress width or 110cm wide fabric.  If I went to Tesco I could get a single bed sized duvet cover for £4.50.  It would be polycotton but it would also be four metres of fabric roughly 135cm wide.  And it would the the ticking stripes, which I like, rather than the floral, safari or paisley patterns which don't appeal to me so much.   Now all I need to do is avoid the yarn...


  1. Ha, ha, I was just calculating how much the yardage would come out to, myself! 2.66 per yard (sorry, I don't have the pound sign on my keyboard) and I wasn't sure if that would be a good price or not. I haven't purchased fat quarters, myself. They seem to sell for $2.49 each at the big fabric store, here, although they are on sale for $2.12 today (searched on-line) and occasionally go on sale for $1.99. I am currently on a fabric/crafts supplies diet, so I am not even looking!

  2. You are so strong talking yourself out of the fat quarters.
    I couldn't succomb to the fabric they had at Lidl as ours didn't have it in....or they did and it all got snapped up-x-