Saturday 25 February 2017

Another Mirror Fail

The local cats are not affected by mirrors.  Once again I went out to find the little mirrors knocked over and a 'message'.  It was a mountainous 'message'.  They had either been on a high fibre diet or had been saving up for a week.  Bear and DH are helping by eating oranges so I can put the peel out.  I'm not confident about this.  Evil cat once licked olbas oil from my hand.  I think this is war.

In good news, DH found my black pudding (not a euphemism).  It was in the fridge, just where I had left it.  What can I say?  At least I hadn't left it in the washing machine.


  1. Stop stressing ! Although the washing machine made me laugh. To stop the cats you have to get one of your own !

  2. So glad your black pudding is safe!!??

  3. My MIL once mislaid her purse and phoned me in tears, I asked her what was the last thing she'd bought.
    Teabags, she replied. Well look in the tea caddy then, and yes there was her purse!

  4. Ooops! Perhaps I should have read this one first - glad you found the black pudding. Sorry the cats have been at it again. Luckily we don't seem to have that problem - more likely to find a pile of deer poo in my garden - they eat all of the veg and just poo there too!

  5. Glad your husband found the black pudding for you and it was where it was supposed to be! As for orange peels deterring the cats, I wouldn't count on it! Fallen lemons and oranges don't seem to phase the stray cats who visit my garden.