Friday 17 February 2017


Thank you for all the kind comments.  It worries me that I don't need to invent anything.  I really ought to know better, but life still keeps happening.

Bear and his pals have already made dents in the Approved Food delivery that arrived today.  They saw a large box of inexpensive treats arrive and decided 'Challenge Accepted'.  I really need to get into the rhythm of making snacks for them.  They aren't even teenagers yet but they are locusts indeed.

I'm part way through making a rag rug.  I've taken two double duvet cases (one didn't look enough) and torn the pale sides into strips about an inch or so wide, which works out at around £10 for two lots of fabric two metres by two metres (around 80 inches square).  I've braided them on my lucet and have some reasonably looking cord, despite my lack of experience.  The braid close up looks like this

I used the 'no-sew' method of joining fabric strips, and it was so easy.  The first braid looks like this when it is laid out, which is a little small and why I made the second braid

The plan is to spend more money on it.  I plan to sew both braids together in an oval, then splash it with bleach and dark blue ink and then dye it over so that it looks more interesting.  Or I may just sew it up.  It is the first attempt using cheap fabric to see if it works.  I may just try again with some cheap patterned sheets to see how it goes.  It's a great excuse to talk to my friend, eBay, and to look into some charity shops and rummage in my stash.  If someone likes the look of it, it doesn't take long.  The braid above only took an afternoon and it was one layer of a double duvet cover.  I wasn't even concentrating too much but watching YouTube videos.  I recommend Peter Hollens, I've been enjoying his music, especially his version of 'I See Fire' and 'Skyrim'. 


  1. You'll have yourself a braided rag rug in no time at all! Unlike me who put away the crocheted rag rug I was making and haven't done anything more after that!

  2. That looks like an interesting project.

  3. Something I would love to have a go at when I have got rid of the list of a thousand and one things I already have on the crafty list.
    Had a quick look at the 'I See Fire' video...not bad but give me Ed Sheeran any day-x-

  4. Can you post a photo of your lucet please? I bought one at a Re-enactment Faire several years ago from some Vikings and have used it to make chords of cotton yarn which now adorns my cloaks (one heavy woollen one bought from the same fair years earlier and one a velvet outer lined with cotton patchwork which I made for myself 2 years ago.) It means I can tie them shut rather than relying on a clasp which comes open at inopportune moments. I'm not sure my lucet would be suitable for such a large chord as yours. Not that I'm planning on making a rag rug any time soon. I'm just curious.