Thursday 23 February 2017

Mirror Fail

Next door but two have two cats which roam at all times and in all weathers and flinch every time they see me.  This could be because I have grumbled about their habit of using my garden as a toilet and made dark and detailed threats against them, but other cats have pegged me as a complete softy who wouldn't hurt a whisker so I think they are just not good with humans.

Malevolent cat was terrified of mirrors.  Absolutely terrified.  We found this out when we took a mirror down and propped it against a wall for a few days until someone came around to pick it up.  Malevolent cat freaked.  She hissed, spat, growled and bounced around on straight legs like an evil tigger.  We ended up putting a table cloth over the mirror before she exploded.  While it was there, Malevolent cat kept sneaking up to the cloth covered shape, peeking under the cloth and running away.  I remembered that and purchased (from my friend eBay) some small, acrylic mirror tiles that I hoped would have the same effect on the gruesome twosome.  I've propped some against the trunk of the tree in the tub, which was getting targetted, plus some propped near where they were 'using' the flowerbed, so that they got an unexpected reflection.  I was hoping to hear the sounds of cat constipation.  Instead it's blowing wildly and the things won't stay up.  I shall keep propping them up and hoping the wind dies down.

Speaking of the weather, like the rest of the UK we are being hit by serious winds.  We are on the edge of what they think is the worst of it, and it is bad enough!  So today of all days I finally get around to making the half hour each way walk to the local greengrocer.  I had heard good things and I wasn't disappointed.  It is next to a very nice butchers where they were selling venison!  I thought that was quite upmarket for this area, but it did look nice.  I have no idea what I would do with venison, so stuck to buying half a pound of mince and some bacon.  I need to make this a regular walk, but hopefully in better weather.


  1. The only thing my cat is afraid of is the hoover. Don't know why - it's not like it's new or I don't use it regularly. He hisses and bats at it if close enough though usually he just hides behind the chairs.

    I miss small shops like those. Don't have individual grocers or butchers where I am in US.

  2. I've never heard of using mirrors to deter cats. I will have to give that a try as we have a very bad problem with them using our garden.
    I bet your walk was very bracing in this wind. I've been cleaning out one of the outhouses and I am surprised I haven't got a broken ankle from the door keep slamming on me.
    I'll be glad when it dies down a bit-x-

  3. Love venison ! If you like steak you would like venison.

  4. Hope the storms aren't too bad. Had to laugh about your cat and its reaction to the mirror! Didn't like its reflection too much, did it?