Tuesday 21 February 2017

Bear has Been to the Dentist

Father used to look at bear and tell me that bear had been here before, that he had an old soul.  Sometimes I worry that I expect too much of him.  He's an only child who spends a lot of time with older parents so he's bound to seem a lot older than ten.  He did complain with some heat about the dentist talking to him as if he was two years old, so I suspect he feels a lot older than his years.  Still, he came away with a clean bill of dental health so that's fine.

I wonder how long it will be before he went to the dentist by himself.  One of his classmates goes to school by himself already.  I'm not sure if the school know.  They are very strict in the early years but next year he is supposed to go on his own.  Bear might as well start going on his own now.  It is literally yards from our door to the school gate, bear is pretty good with roads and as soon as we get near to the school he forgets I exist so it's not as if he needs me there.  I'm holding out for a little while longer.

I visited uncle today.  He didn't recognise me - he has vascular dementia.  The doggy cuddles I got going through the park didn't really make up for it, though they were very pleasant.


  1. I got to take my two to school until they left juniors and went to secondary....only because we lived a fair walk away but it was avery dangerous road.
    So sorry about your uncle. It must be so upsetting for you-x-

  2. Glad bear got a clean bill of health at the dentist's. It's hard to know when to let them go out and about on their own, isn't it? I was a lot stricter with my daughter than her friends' parents were with their children. My motto was "better safe than sorry". It was only in her last year of high school that I relaxed the rules a bit. So sorry to hear about your uncle. It must be so hard for you. (((HUGS)))