Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Bear is doing fine

Bear has had a lazy day.  He dragged the box of Doctor Who Trading Cards downstairs at 7.30am, pootled around the YouTube videos, wandered happily over with me to the doctors where the nurse changed my dressings (bear stayed in the waiting room!) and then got to hang out with one of the neighbours and play Skylanders.

We had a baked potato with sauce tonight.  The sauce was onions and a pepper softened and a tin of borlotti beans added then a half tube of tomato puree added with oregano and paprika.  This is tasty, healthy, relatively inexpensive and gluten free.  Bear insisted on adding raisins.  I really just go with the flow.

Tomorrow I am up early, drop bear off at martial art boot camp, dash home, get a delivery, pick up bear, kill some time in town, meet with DH and go out for a meal.

Father is continuing to do well and the Occupational Therapist seemed to think he would come home at some point.  My sores are improving although I feel the soreness sometimes.  Things are looking up.

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