Sunday, 3 August 2014

Washing Blankets

The washing machine is one of the greatest inventions known to woman.  The automatic washing machine even more so.  Being able to put things in, press a button and walk away just to come back some time later to clean clothes is a wonder.  I have used a twin tub, one of the tiny caravan type washers with separate spinner and at one point washed everything in the bath including duvet covers.  I really, really love my washing machine.

When the weather was really hot I was looking at bear's huge tiger blanket.  Uncle bought it for him a few years back.  I tried washing it in the bath years ago and it was not a success.  I couldn't get the dratted thing on the washing line.  By the time you added water it was just far too heavy for me to lift.  It is absolutely huge, at least superking size and very thick.  I did consider trying the bath route again in the warm weather but other things got in the way thank goodness as I can't see that it would have ended much better.  I shall have to grit my teeth and pay for it to be dry cleaned.  I have to get it cleaned, though, as bear has slept on it, under it and wrapped around with it and it must be due.

I have a furry blanket of my own.  It is not nearly as large as bear's and is a very plain purple.  I've been snuggling into it for the last few nights and I am very crusty with the chickenpox so it needs a wash.  The big question is - will it fit into my machine?

Most washing machines have a maximum weight limit.  I can't remember if my machine is 5kg or 7kg.  I doesn't matter that much as I don't have scales that would weigh it.  I suppose I could have a guess but my washing machine is getting very frail and I don't want to risk it breaking just at the moment.  The weather forecast for the next few weeks doesn't look like it will be blanket drying weather, at least not blankets washed in the bath.  So I risk breaking my machine (or it just not washing very well) or having to pay out for dry cleaning.  I think I will wait until I am less crusty to make a decision.

Father's speech is improving but it is far from easy to understand and he is still frail.

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  1. Hope your chicken pox goes soon. Are you sure it isn't shingles, as it's unusual to get CP twice. I had CP for the first time, aged 48, a month or so ago.
    Re blanket(s) - Launderette?
    Hope you feel better soon