Friday, 8 August 2014

Keeping On

There isn't that much happening at the moment.  Father continues, uncle continues, bear is overdosing on screen time, DH is overworked at work (and being a hero at home) and I am still crusty.

We are almost half way through the summer and bear has been very short changed when it comes to experiences, days out and adventures.  Mind you, if he was given the choice between screen time and days out he would choose screen time without hesitation.  Getting bear out of the house is a lot of effort which I am not currently fit for.  Hopefully I will be able to put things right in the next week or two.

Mind you, I am in favour of chilling time for kids in the holidays.  I actually think it is healthy to build in some daydreaming time.  Besides there are two family days out planned, the start of the new season of Doctor Who and another week of Martial Arts camp.

I think I shall mention handwriting practice.  Bear's handwriting is so atrocious that it could be mistaken for a doctor's scrawl.  I don't think much will get done but the outraged shouts will give his lungs a work out.

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