Monday, 8 May 2017

Gluten Free

I've got quite a writer's block going on, so nothing much to say.

However, for those in the UK there are some gluten free deals going on.  Morrisons are doing extra 'More' points on some gluten free stuff.  I got an email saying that if I spend over £100 in my next order I would get 10,000 extra 'More' points.  If you cash it in for vouchers that comes to £10.  I am saving the Morrisons vouchers for Christmas, and I thought that if I picked my deals then it was worth it.  Now I've added on at least another 1,000 points on with the offers and stocked up on some bits and pieces that will keep me going for a while.  It is scarily easy to spend £100 on grocery shopping.  According to the order, I've spent over the £100 and saved @ £14 in multi buy savings.  I watch the multi buys with some scepticism but it seems to be the regular price.  I am expecting a large order tomorrow.

The Morrisons site said that it was coeliac awareness week so I had a quick look on Tesco's website just in case.  They've got quite a few gluten free deals as well.  It's mainly the Tesco own brand stuff which are three for the price of two.  I had a quick look at and it looks like the prices have not been hiked for the 'deal'.  Next week I'm getting a year's worth of gluten free pasta delivered.  It practically never goes on sale, and it has a loooong shelf life (I bought a year's worth of gluten free pasta last year as well).  I've had a quick look through the gluten free stuff and added a load of other favourites while I was there as the deal ends on 16 May.  According to the total at the end I've saved @ £20, or around a quarter of the total.  I think that this is a reasonable deal but it is a big outlay.

I thought I would share so that anyone interested could have a quick look.

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