Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Too Hot

Thank you for all the amazing ideas for meal planning.  For anyone interested, the comments are on this post and are really inspiring and helpful.  Thank you.  I will go back and answer all the comments (I love seeing comments, it is so interesting to get other insights, people are incredibly kind and from so many places!) when I am able.

At the moment, my brain is not working.  There's stuff going on that's not really blog stuff, and also I am suffering from silly lack of sleep.  I am strictly surface thoughts only.

btw did you know that Sainsbury's think that a serving of white vinegar is around a tablespoon full (@ 15 and a third millilitres).  My mouth sucked right in at the thought of it!  I suppose a tablespoon of vinegar in the spoon sounds more than the same amount sprinkled on chips or fries but it still seems a lot to me.  Also did you know that the Goodman of Paris, who is the apparently the author of a late fourteenth century cookbook, said that the best way to see if the vinegar was any good was to drop some of it on some stone and see if the stone bubbled.  I supposed it's a good test if it's very strong vinegar and something like limestone.  I don't think it would work on slate.  The recipes are quite odd but interesting.  The advice on how to live isn't totally female friendly.

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