Friday, 26 May 2017

Yorkshire Tea

Bear came third in his class in the Triathalon type thingy he did yesterday, and I am so proud of him.  He enjoyed it a massive amount, wanted to do it again and dumped a very large bag of swag.  He came home with a tshirt, a water bottle, snacks (or, rather, the wrappers of snacks including squeezy yogurt), a bottle of ready made Yorkshire Tea iced tea and a box of ten Yorkshire Tea teabags which had a coupon for 30p off included, all in a very nice gym bag.  I suspect Yorkshire Tea may have been one of the sponsors.

Bear asked for a cup of tea.  I don't drink much tea these days, DH doesn't touch the stuff, and I've steered bear away from normal tea for a while.  Father drank tea faster than he drank whiskey, a legacy of being a regular in the Army, but I never felt comfortable with bear getting tea.  When I was little it wasn't unusual to see little babies with bottles full of tea, not always milky tea either, and generations grew up on it.  I still kept bear on juice or water.  However bear is 10 now.  He makes his own toast, he makes his own cereal (well, he makes toast and cereal when he can be bothered and can't delegate to me), he walks to school and back on his own and even runs his own bath.  I made him a cuppa, using the tea from his swag and carefully putting his teabags separately so he could be proud he was drinking his own tea.  Bear was slightly unimpressed, but agreed he would have it again, especially if I put sweetener in next time.

As I said, I've kept bear away from caffeine.  On the whole it's water, flavoured water, juice or milkshake with an occasional peppermint tea.  I shouldn't have been surprised when bear still couldn't sleep at midnight.  Sigh.

Not only was I kept up late but I woke at daft o'clock realising that DH's normal shirt (soft cotton, nice and warm) wasn't going to be appropriate on the hottest day of the year so far (26C or around 79F - those from outside the UK please don't snigger, it's shocking to our system!) so I leapt up and ironed a linen shirt for him.  I can now barely hold my eyes open.

However the smell in the garden isn't there so I've been washing blankets.  There were ten blankets/throws/snuggle blankets on the sofa alone.  I think I've got a little carried away.  I may get rid of some and pack some others away, but I do enjoy throws, many of which are now on the washing line.  There's eleventy ten more to do as well, but I'll have to see how the weather forecast looks.  It will be great to get ahead there before I start Day One of the cleaning plan.  


  1. Well done, Bear! We are all so proud of your performance!

    I had to laugh about the tea. I was brought up on tea (with and without milk, but always with sugar). It was coffee that I wasn't allowed to drink until I was 10! Daughter, too, enjoyed cups of tea, growing up. But lately, she prefers her coffee to tea!

  2. I keep starting day one of a cleaning plan too but never get far. I'm very low in iron so
    using that excuse to sit and knit. Lol. Love your blog and your posts. X

  3. Congratulations to Bear! What a great achievement.

    I'm not a great tea drinker (hanging my head in shame). Most people assume that because I'm English I like tea. Even if I did like it the stuff in America is not the same lol. I used to drink it when I was younger but I had glandular fever when I was about twelve and couldn't drink it after that.