Monday, 15 May 2017

Very Relaxed

When bear was little and up early, I'd let him loose with YouTube while I dozed behind him.  I used to love hearing him listen to 'Duncan does Tekkit' as Duncan had a wonderful, calm, soothing voice that had complete mastery over the minecraft tekkit.  I've found my equivalent.

I spent most of Sunday afternoon hanging with bear and DH and listening to iknitwithcatfur (awesome name!) and watching her playlist of stitch patterns.  It's incredible.  She is just so calm and methodical.  There are 242 videos of different stitch patterns in that playlist, (some of them are repeated) so it occupies me for hours.  I sit there with my own, much easier knitting and drift away into a sort of zen state.  Some I want to try, some I wouldn't attempt with two months training and a safety harness.  I still enjoy seeing it.  It is now on my 'how to relax' list.

Apparently there are tests at school all week.  Bear is cool with that.  He's still mortified because he has to hand in the actual slip that I have actually written on for the permission.  His teacher will know that I have seen that he's getting sex ed!  I'm not allowed to discuss it with him.

I didn't have much in the way of The Talk myself.  School was sketchy and I don't think my mother knew where to start, though she did her best.  I do remember, when I was about five or six, I had been reading the News of the World.  There was an article that included a phrase that a young man had not known the facts of life until he was in his twenties.  I didn't know what that meant, either, so I asked father.  Looking back, I must have had a clue from the context because I knew that if I asked my mother what the facts of life were she would have calmly answered that it was about sex and I would have shut up straight away.  Father was an easier target.  Poor man, I can still remember him saying that it meant that one day I would be a woman in a voice that was half portentous and half panicked.  I thought that meant I would be taller and develop a bust and told him airily that I knew all about that.  And that's when my parents stopped getting the News of the World.


  1. Edyta Sitar is the quilting equivalent Lyssa....I could listen to her talk for hours and quite often find one of her videos to watch if I am feeling a tad stressed-x-

  2. You are right! She does have a very calm voice! What really fascinated me was her continental style of knitting! I learned to knit the English style and that's how I knit.