Monday, 15 May 2017

Impulse Control Fail

I bought another book on how to clean your house.  The 'Clean Your Home in 30 Days' had potential, but I could never get past Day Three.  It did have some effects, however, and we had a marginally cleaner home for a while.

This time it's a book called 'Simply Clean' which promises a lovely, clean, tidy home in just 10 minutes a day.  I'm not holding the book to that promise.  It's never going to happen.  However it may work if I take away the unrealistic timescale.  For example, I am supposed to vacuum one day a week.  According to the book it should take ten minutes.  We have three bedrooms, a junk room, a bathroom, a study, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom.  Also three sets of stairs.  Okay, it's lino in the bathroom and kitchen but it would take me more than ten minutes to get the vacuum between all the rooms.

You know those shopping channel adverts which start by advertising a chopping board or something and then keep saying, 'but that's not all...' and, 'wait, there's more...' and they are adding in knives and kettles and all sorts so that the overpriced chopping board looks like a good deal.  I feel like the book is doing similar.  You have a daily routine.  Then you have the ten minute task.  Then there are the monthly/bi-monthly/yearly type tasks.  Before you know it it's an hour at their estimate and goodness knows how long in real life.  However if it gets a clean house then I'm good for that.

One thing that is promising is that it starts with a seven day action plan to get you ready, then a 28 day kickstarter.  As Day One is to declutter it may take me a while to get past that, but I can live in hope.

I won't be starting it tomorrow as I have a biopsy on my leg, but I'm optimistic.  As it starts with a declutter then I can stretch Day One over a few days as any leg pain allows (I've no idea how painful it will be, probably not much).  Then I can go for it with gusto!

This week there are tests all week for bear's class.  Bear is calm and seems to quite enjoy it.  Please let that continue for a long time!


  1. Clean ones house in 10 minutes a day? Oh, that sounds interesting! You have to share pointers with us!

    Wishing you the best on the leg biopsy. Hope the procedure goes smoothly and recovery will be fast and pain free. Most of all, hope the results will be good news and nothing to worry about. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. (((HUGS)))

  2. Move on to a narrowboat Sybil, I can mop and sweep mine in 25 minutes prow to stern, also having two weeks left until the tenants move in concentrates the mind wonderfully on decluttering!

  3. I used to have a system in place (a long time ago) now I do it when I can be bothered (honesty there). I keep the kitchen and bathroom clean as I can't stand having them dirty or dishes sitting around waiting to be washed but I'm not so good on dusting. I do vacuum every other day just because we have a cat who seems to leave hair places and it is habit as we used to have a dog too. Ten minutes seems really quick!