Tuesday, 21 October 2014

An extra helping of weather

I really feel fortunate.  I know I am blessed and I am very grateful.  One of the blessings I am counting today is the ability to enjoy this weather.

I quite enjoy a bit of a breeze, it makes me feel a lot more energetic than normal.  Tonight when the storm is supposed to be bad, I will be snuggled in, with the curtains closed, candles lit, gas fire off (the wind blows down the chimney like a hurricane!) but a halogen heater on and a feeling of being barricaded against the elements as I snuggle under blankets.

Not only that but I will gloat slightly that I am in a sheltered spot and the wind is unlikely to do anything more than howl past.

I feel very grateful that there is little chance of power disruption, and any disruption is likely to be short as we live near a major road and at the edge of an urban centre.  I am also really, really grateful that there are people out there trudging on in all the extra weather so that softies like me are safe and warm.

I don't know if grateful is the right word, but I am very aware that while the UK grumbles about the trailing end of Gonzalo, some people have had to live through it at its worst, and my prayers are definitely with them.  Sometimes I snap out of 'smug' and think how blessed I really am.

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