Friday, 10 October 2014

Bear Triumphant

Last night was the same as every night.  I creep upstairs and tiptoe into bear's room.  I fold in his arms and legs from whichever anatomically unsafe position he has left them and then he usually snuggles down.  I put bedclothes over him as he never, ever goes to sleep with them on, though at least these days when he is covered up he stays covered.  I switch out his bedside lamp and tiptoe out again.

Last night I was tucking him under his duvet with the Tardis cover and pulling in his arm when he opened his eyes, pumped his arm, said, 'Yesss!!!!' and went back to sleep.

Absolutely no idea.


  1. I want a Tardis cover! But I don't think my wife would go for that :)

    Like your blog


    1. Thank you! And the Tardis cover is really cool. LM x