Friday 26 December 2014

Contented and Calm

I feel contented and calm, and I am cherishing it.

We visited father and uncle, who were fine.  We cooked dinner, and only had a little bit left over, which is a massive improvement.  We watched Doctor Who and were terrified, and after bear flaked out we cuddled for a lovely Christmas.

Bear was utterly thrilled with the rubber gloves.  They are, according to him, gloves of power and who am I to argue.  He did very well with his presents.

I had managed to buy a load of Skylanders from a neighbour.  Rather than wrap them and add them to the stash, DH palmed a few and scattered them around, a few at a time.  Bear was delighted to keep finding cunningly hidden Skylanders, and prowled around as DH palmed a few more and I worked on misdirection.  Bear was enchanted that he kept coming back to one particular box and finding yet another one.  Regrettably he worked out where we had got them, but he is not one to complain if it is second hand, in fact he found it added to the magic.

Today I will be queuing up the next few months of Light and Shade Challenges, watching tv, cuddling bear and DH and generally having a quiet time.  We still don't know what is going to happen with the car, so we have all that to worry about, but we can't really do anything today so we are just going to take this time to recharge and enjoy.

I was considering calling into Matalan and picking up some clothes for bear for next year in the next size up, but to be honest, I am not sure I will bother.  I suspect he has quite a lot of growing room in his clothes, and I don't want to risk misjudging a growth spurt.   I think I will have to give up on that tactic.

Sending hugs to everyone.

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  1. Lovely to read about your day yesterday! Glad it went well and that bear was happy with his gifts. You do sound as if you had a relaxing day - I hope the feeling continues a wee while longer xxxx