Wednesday 31 December 2014


Bear is continuing with Beast Quest.  He informed me with glee that there were 150 titles.  I didn't check.  Today I shall be read to - and if bear gets his way I will be read to all day.  There are worse things.  He currently the proud owner of the first 18 (a very good deal from the Book People a few years ago).  Further books will be contingent on good behaviour and possibly bear buying his own - he has £4 pocket money every week for a reason.  That reason is that bear learns to save and prioritise his spending.

Tomorrow in my quest to save pennies I will start the New Year by checking online every day.  It will keep my spending in check.  I have made the list, but I am seeing that as a starting point.  Just checking the account first.

The other thing I need to do is make a spreadsheet of the contents of the cupboards, and that is a quest of feature film proportions.  I threw out bag after bag after bag a few months ago, but I need to know what I have.  I could do with a really clear list so I know when to take advantage of the sales and when to let them go as some sales are better than others.  I want to sort through the kitchen stuff anyway.  I have a lot of pyrex that I am not currently using and I could do with the space.  I could do with a few less oven trays as well.

However my first big quest of the year is the walk in cupboard.  It is about three metres or so long, about a metre and a half wide and is full.  It is disorganised, it is messy and it is stuffed beyond reason.  That is my first quest.  Heartbreakingly, there are two sets of golf clubs in there, belonging to father.  I know he will never, ever use them again.  I can't bear to get rid of them without his permission - that would be so wrong.  I can't bear to ask him to get rid of them while he is still so fragile.  And I could really do without the dratted things.  I can work round them.  As they are in front of stuff that hasn't seen the light of day for around three years, I think that those shelves are going to get emptied first.  Then next weekend, the tip.

The walk in cupboard may not be as fierce as the quests that bear is reading about, but I bet some of those heroes would rather fight a dragon.

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