Friday 5 December 2014

Getting Colder

Yesterday I was unimpressed at the outside temperature.  I rinsed out bear's clothes which I had dragged out of the broken washing machine and hung them on the washing line.  It was dead still and cold.  When I brought them back in a few hours later they were still wet, although the worst of the water had dripped out.  The trouble was that there was a smell in the garden, like tramps.  I can't bear it, and it gets on the clothes, so I ended up with the clothes in the dryer with some tumble dryer sheets.  I have a few for when I tumble DH's sports kit, and I put a handful in with bear's uniform.

I bailed out the washing machine until most of the water was gone and then put in a couple of nappies.  It is a long, long time since bear was in nappies, but I keep a few of the very cheapest in because they are great at absorbing floods, defrosting freezers and general spills.  The new washing machine comes on Sunday.  I am usually quite up to date with washing, but I can see it piling up.  Between Wednesday night and Sunday afternoon I would normally do four washes at least.  In this weather I am going to resist the temptation to rub a few things through by hand.  Apart from anything else, my hands are in shreds anyway.

I have also ruined one of bear's school shirts with gunk from the iron.  I can never get the stuff out.  Another has some very suspicious stains on the sleeve which have resisted all chemicals thrown at them.  I'm going to have to pick up a couple more for him.  I'll try and put that off until New Year.

At least I found a present for DH.  Time for some surreptitious wrapping.

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