Thursday 25 December 2014


Bear caught me moving the gym bag stuffed with goodies that Santa left from the floor to the bed.  He has been up on the hour every hour since.  6.30am I caved and we are now downstairs.  Bear is having a marvellous time, even though I am the cruellest mother in the world for not allowing bear to open anything else until DH comes down.

I am letting DH sleep after yesterday - someone one ran into the back of him at traffic lights and while DH was unhurt it looks like the car is a write off.  As is the bottle of whisky he had in the boot.  I would rather the whisky went than DH.  I am going to make a huge fuss of him today.

Now I need to go and help bear work out the lock on his amazing Doctor Who locking notebook.  I can see me doing a lot of that today.  It's absolutely wonderful.  All in all, we are blessed.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS and thank you to everyone for reading and for the support.  I always feel lucky that you stop by.  I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.


  1. Happy Christmas to you and yours as well. Ouch for DH and hope Bear has a great day.

    Cheers from Down Under. Karen