Tuesday, 27 June 2017

I am a Cruel Mother

Bear has twenty six days actually in school until the end of summer term.  He is complaining that his shirts are restricting his movements.  The shirts are long enough (just) and fasten easily (bear is still slim despite his sugar habit), but when he reaches up the shirts aren't quite wide enough at the shoulder.  He's growing out of them.

I've managed to get almost all of the six shirts I bought at the start of the year through to the end and they are still white and looking smart despite bear's best efforts.  I didn't want to break out next year's shirts yet.  It's not like bear can't fit into them, and that they are not ridiculously small, just tight across the top of the arm.  I think bear has inherited his father's broad shoulders.  Fortunately bear prefers short sleeved shirts so I haven't watched his cuffs rising up towards his elbow yet, though I'm sure I'll see that in high school.  As an aside, we are looking at three schools, two of them grammar and one the local academy and they all have ridiculously strict and expensive uniforms.  I am not looking forward to that.  As it is, bear's primary school is fairly good with their uniform policy with plenty of room for different styles and all available inexpensively.

I am so tempted to tell him to suck it up for the last four weeks, it's not as if they don't cover his modesty.  However this is the time of year that I buy school uniform (M&S sale finishes on Friday) so despite my cruel inclinations I'll let him start on next year's uniform early.

And as I type this, bear comes home with green marker all over his shirt so that's one shirt that won't make it til the end of term.

Witch Hazel  that school looks awesome.  I'll definitely save up and book myself some lessons!  Thank you so much for sharing.


  1. I think I might be that cruel mother too lol. Good luck with the school searching. I remember that and it's not with fondness!

    1. I am already worried. It's such a lottery as well, but bear will probably be okay. I hope. WS x

  2. The cost of specific school uniforms is annoying in the extreme. A sweatshirt or school jumper can be bought very reasonably in supermarkets but my grandchildren's school insists on ones which have the school logo embroidered. They cost £15 each which is outrageous. When I was a school governor I railed against this endlessly but other governors argued that it looked smart. What rubbish -it is nothing more than a commercial deal between the uniform shops and the school who receive a rake off.

    1. We have the option of stuff with logos at a price, but a lot of the parents honestly couldn't afford it. I feel like I would rather donate a fiver than contribute to what feels like an extortion racket. Thank you for commenting (and I've added you to the Blog Roll) WS x