Thursday, 29 June 2017

Amazon Prime Day

Apparently Amazon Prime Day is 11th July this year.  It's a sort of Black Friday for Amazon, a day when they roll out the deals for those who have Amazon Prime.

Apparently other supermarkets also had a Day of Discounts last year, notably John Lewis and Tesco.  There are a few different places on the internet that confirm this, but this is as good a snippet as any.

If you don't have Prime membership then it's worth doing the sums.  At the moment it costs £79 per year.  I save that in postage alone, probably in the first three months, as there is free postage on a lot of things, and free next day delivery.  There are the films and series, of course, which we dip into and there are lots of other nooks and crannies like Amazon Prime Pantry (often better deals in the supermarket, but not always) and music.  However, it's only a good deal if you would definitely save more than £79 and would get the benefit of music, films etc

I missed this last year.  However, now I know that it's a yearly thing then I will keep an eye out for it and make lists for the rest of the year.

To be honest, we don't need that much.  We are considering fire sticks as apparently they were half price last year.  We have one in the dining room but it would be nice if we could also have one in the study and I'm sure DH would benefit from one in his room.  If they are not on offer, then we will wait.

I can't think of much else we might go for.  We don't need any electricals apart from possibly the firesticks.  I don't know what sort of things may be included.  I may stock up on some groceries if they go on offer, but I'm not buying for the sake of buying.  After all, it's only a bargain if you save money on something you were going to buy anyway.

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  1. I saw that too - same thing over here. I have Amazon Prime. I love it! The free shipping is the best. I can also 'share' that free shipping so my hubby to and 'kids' can use it too. I had a complaint about something once and they extended my Prime membership by an extra month! I do try to buy local but sometimes it's just easier to find what I want on Amazon.