Sunday 2 July 2017

Another Milestone for Bear

Bear asked for Lynx.  For those not from the UK it's the bodyspray/deodorant of choice for teenage boys with no sense of restraint.  I got him some, very begrudgingly, and he's going to have to come with me to the supermarket and try some cheaper knock offs because that stuff is expensive!  I mean, it was £2 on offer!

I nipped to the toilet while DH sprayed a little on the back of his hand to see if bear liked it.  When I came back in the room I started coughing.  Walking into a class of fourteen year olds filled with Lynx fumes must be like being maced.  One small spray and my eyes were watering.  Bear is quite ambivalent.  There is no way he needs bodyspray/deodorant yet, but a few of the lads in his class use it (who equally don't need it) and I'm okay with giving in on this, on the understanding that there is no way on this planet he is getting a smart phone yet, I don't care what the other kids have.

I should add, I have a healthy scepticism about what the other kids in his class actually have but the weird demographic around here means that, yes, some 10 year olds have smartphones.  There seems to be a huge push for kids to grow up younger and younger.  I worry so much.

Yesterday, while I was at the bus stop, a man walking past offered the woman next to me a bag of cocaine in exchange for her bottle of lemonade.  She refused politely.  I felt very old and also naive.  The closest I'd come to cocaine before this was watching Scarface.  I hope bear never gets closer than this either.

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  1. Last century when I was teaching Secondary age students the rage for the boys was to wear Brut. The smell of it used to make me feel physically sick. I can't imagine that Lynx is any better now. Helen in France