Monday 10 July 2017

Bigger Hangers

Bear is growing up, just as he should.  The small hangers that I got a few years ago that were perfect for bear's school shirts are no longer quite big enough.  The shoulders droop off  The wooden hangers that I use for DH are still too big.  Today I picked up the shirts and sweaters I had ordered online and while I was in the queue I noticed some hangers that were just a little bigger than the little hangers but not quite so big as the adult hangers.  They should be perfect for bear's new shirts.

This is, to be honest, a complete self indulgence.  I rarely have all bear's shirts hung up on hangers, but instead they're in the ironing pile to be done last thing at night.  The shirts are not going to be inspected by anyone except bear so any creases from drooping shoulders will not be noticed, and nor would it be noticed if the shirt had to be wrestled onto a too large hanger.

It does keep me a little happier, though, and I can try and fool myself that there is a little corner where housewifery things are as they should be, and the £3 I spent isn't the cost of a coffee and cake, so I consider it money well spent.

I've had a look at Amazon Prime Day.  There are some things I'm sort of interested in if the price is right.  What I think I shall do is save up my money and my 'wants' for the year.  Our dehumidifiers are getting on a little, so next July I shall consider if they will last another twelve months.  The same goes for the iron.  There were dehumidifiers and irons in the sale, and I shall see if the price suits me then.  Otherwise I will hang on until I actually need something.

Interestingly enough, there is a deal on DH's favourite brand of toilet paper.  I'm waiting to see what the price is, and whether it will be worth getting a year's supply.  I couldn't possibly store that much, but the thought of bear's expression at seeing boxes and boxes of toilet paper has made me smile.


  1. Always enjoy reading about you and Bear and DH, but more story please, pretty please.

  2. Haha my husband thought I'd gone quite mad when I bought four packs of 16 toilet rolls when there was a good offer on them. Goodness knows what he'd think of a year's supply! Eloise