Monday 17 July 2017

Not Safe On Amazon

I like the Woodwick candles.  There's the crackling of the wick, of course, but the scents are really good.  I feel that Yankee Candles have got very limp over the last few years and Woodwick really do scent the room and it lingers in a good way.  I've got birthdays coming up and I was checking out teachers' gifts and I saw them.

I think it was a pricing error.  Woodwick Candles are not inexpensive.  Here is a link to one on eBay (my friend).  They cost £16.49 on that listing.  Other sellers are available.  The Amazon listing was for a herb scented one, burn time 60 hrs - for £2.25, or around a sixth of the normal selling price.  There are always deals, and I take advantage of those, but this is the first time I found such an awesome pricing error for something I really, really want.  I bought ten.  It's sorted out teacher's gifts for some time plus they can be used in the home.

I hope I like the scent.


  1. Get candles at Homesense....good selection and MUCH CHEAPER!

  2. I'm addicted to the candles I get from Bath & Body works. They have great sales at Christmas and I stock up for the year. I used to like Yankee Candle - they had a lovely baby powder scented one but discontinued it. I loved that smell!