Tuesday 4 July 2017

Supermarket Deals

The question is - is it really a deal?  Because not all supermarket deals are actually money saving.

Yesterday I got an advertising email from Morrisons.  If I clicked this button I would get 11,000 points if I spent more than £220 in July.  It didn't ask me to enter any passwords, so I clicked the button.  It is very easy to spend more than £220 on groceries in a five week month, especially as I am not always as frugal as I should be and bear does get a lot of treats bought for him.  

11,000 points are quite a lot as 5000 points gets you a £5 voucher and I plan to save mine for Christmas.  If I'm going to spend the grocery money anyway then I may as well.  Besides, we all need new duvets.  Mine are affected by my extremely bad eczema so there are stains and they are due to be replaced.  Bear's duvet is barely thicker than a sheet and DH's are not much better.  Coincidentally, there is an offer on duvets at the moment.  It isn't much of an offer, but it saves a few pennies.  I had planned to wait until August or September, but I may as well pick them up now.  I feel a small glow of victory.  I may have got a better deal on the duvets, but looking around, it wouldn't have been that much better and at least this way I can still shop around in a few other stores as well this month.  I'm going to keep an eye on things to make sure the points are added but if they aren't, I'm not buying things I wouldn't anyway.

I shall definitely be keeping an eye on the price of Lynx.  The bathroom smelled like some sort of dreadful chemical accident this morning.  Bear seemed to think that he wasn't getting the full effect.  I told him to trust me that he really was.

Helen - I remember Brut.  You must have needed oxygen after some classes.  I have the greatest respect for you - teaching thirty hormonal teenagers while surrounded by severe fumes.  Do you remember Hi Karate?  I used to have a boyfriend back in the day who used Hi Karate and I loved it on him.  Looking back, I must have been mad.


  1. Every little savings counts. I remember Hi Karate. eek! I also remember Wind Song. The ad for this perfume featured a gorgeous man taking a big whiff and thinking of his lovely wife. Every dang girl in school must have thought he was waiting for them after class. I hated the smell of that perfume even if the guy in the ad was almost enough to make me try it. haha.

  2. I remember when my boys wore that stuff! Phew! A little is more than enough. At least he's wearing it - better than smelling really bad and not taking care of it.

    Get the shopping bargains while you can! I'm waiting for the summer stuff to be marked down so I can get some bargains.

  3. Sorry to hear about your eczema. I'd recommend trying products from Chuckling Goat. The lady there uses goats milk and Kefir, and it's available as a ready made Kefir drink and as lotions. She's had a lot of success with it with eczema. (She cured the MRSA that affected her husband, and her son's eczema, and then turned it into a business)
    SHe aso has a website called kefirise which gives loads of info about gluten free living as well.
    I know there are seas of information out there, and much of it is rubbish.