Saturday 29 July 2017

Reality Check

The council didn't collect our bin and now we will have to wait another fortnight.  The flies around the bin are multiplying, as some of the stuff in there has been there for two weeks already.  I fought my way through them, sloshed some disinfectant into the bin and grumbled.

We are near a stream, we have local cats who mark their territory and I am not a tidy gardener.  This means that we get a lot of flies.  Just opening the kitchen door can mean a few zigzagging in.  I saw a YouTube video about making a door curtain with paper clips, some of them being wrapped with washi tape.  It looked awesome.  It seemed an ideal thing to hang over the kitchen door, and probably not that expensive.

Actually, it is incredibly inexpensive to make a paperclip curtain but it is even less expensive to buy a cheap one on eBay.  Also there is still nowhere to hang it.  There is nowhere on the inside that would take a hook and certainly nowhere on the outside.

But it was a nice idea.

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  1. Just a thought, but perhaps wrapping the waste in newspaper or biodegradable food waste bags might help prevent at least some of the files? We have bin collections of food waste each week, plus the recycling boxes are emptied each week, and only the black wheelie bin which takes what they refer to as residual waste (no food waste, and not recyclable waste) is emptied once a fortnight. I didn't think cats caused more flies; we don't have one now ourselves, although we have had cats in the past, and we have several that come through our garden and sometimes leave their calling cards, but we have few problems with flies. I expect more than the cats it's the river setting that is responsible for much of the flies you are suffering from, Sybil.
    We also have our bins washed out by a bin cleaning company once a month. This isn't essential, we could do this job ourselves, but it's one less job to do and it doesn't cost much to have it done, either. It is thoroughly washed, sprayed with a pleasant-smelling disinfectant, and then lined with a fresh bin liner.
    Margaret P