Wednesday 5 July 2017

Probably Ouch

I've done something interesting to my knee, or perhaps undone something to my knee.

Sometime before Christmas I woke in the night with the impression that I had managed to bend my knee the wrong way.  The following few weeks I found it impossible to get up, sit down, do stairs etc etc but I got on with it because I didn't have much option and I was getting the skin graft at the time.  Eventually, a month or two ago, I went to the doctor.  I said that the knee caps felt different shapes, I mentioned how many bits of me I had dislocated and sprained and asked the very nice doctor (who is awesome with bear) if there was anything I could do.  She said I had arthritis.

Last night I was sound asleep (drink had been taken), turned over and my knee made an almighty CLUNK and now I don't have arthritis.  My knee is very sore so the long walk in the woodlands I had sort of planned for tomorrow is probably out, but it isn't feeling like it is always ready to give way on me and it feels like the ache will go away.

We had CCTV installed today.  I need to move the pot plants back into place, but I'll wait until my knee calms down first.  It feels quite impressive, but it's only a little system for a very small garden.  I've warned the neighbours and fingers crossed it will never, ever be needed.

Edited to add - Witch Hazel - You know some awesome stuff, thank you!

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