Friday 7 July 2017

Bear Gets His Report

Bear has his report card for the end of year.  He is awesome.  He got 12 As out of 30 marks and 14 Bs with 4 Cs.  C is working at an age appropriate level, so he's doing very well.  Two of the Cs were for Art, one for PE and one was the effort mark for Writing.  I did feel for bear.  He got an A for attainment and a C for effort.  I can't see why he would want to put more work in if he's getting an A.  In fact, all his marks for attainment were higher or equal to his effort apart from PE.  He's going to get a shock in high school, but at the moment he's doing just fine. So while I am being discretion itself on facebook where the other mums hang out, I'm boasting here.  Bear is doing well.

The best bit of the report was the comments.  According to the teacher, bear is kind and considerate.  All the marks can be pushed and chivvied up, but kind and considerate are something that comes from bear himself.  That's the most important thing and the part of the whole report I'm most proud of!


  1. Great report card! You must be proud. I agree that kind and considerate are great remarks - it shows what a great parent you are (despite being hard on yourself sometimes) and what a fine young man you're raising.

  2. Well done, Bear! We are all so proud of him and his academic achievements, but I agree with you - his best achievement is being a kind and considerate young person. You and your husband are doing something right, Lyssa.