Monday 31 July 2017

A not very long walk

DH is on leave this week so we are all just hanging around the house.  It's what he and bear like, and to be honest I don't mind it too much at the moment either.  Today we went to Roundhay Park.  We went for a walk down by the upper lake.  There is a nice walk that takes you off the upper lake, past the castle and the golf course and round in a loop for a 2.65km or around a mile and a half.  We didn't go all the way, but we had a nice wander. The details of the walk are here, it's the secret gorge walk.  I tried taking a few pictures, but the only one that really came out was this, and it isn't brilliant.  It shows how the lake was constructed and is now all grown over.  To me it looked like an entrance to Weyland's Smithy.

It's blocks of sandstone surrounded by very twisted tree roots.  Then we went to the cafe for some very over priced and underwhelming food.  I really recommend Roundhay Park for a visit, but take your own sandwiches.  We should have learned, but it has been going downhill.  After a limp bite to eat we went into the Tropical World, which was awesome.  I don't know if they had put something in the feed, but the frogs were hopping, the tenrec was having a drink, we had to pause for coloured partridges crossing the path and even the tortoises were on the move!  It's like a small zoo.  There were piranhas and meerkats, parrots and scarlet ibis and lots and lots of butterflies.  We may be going back soon.  


  1. Fab picture Syb. Love the sound of Tropical World too :-)

  2. Do they still have the farm at Roundhay? I am sure I remember taking our kids there when small nearly 30 years ago now, yikes.

  3. Sounds like a very nice way to spend a few hours. Your picture reminds me of some of the ruins I used to see as a child - crumbling stone structures slowly being taken over by trees and other growth. Hope all is well with you and Bear.