Wednesday 2 August 2017

I was Late for the Funeral

I can't believe I was late for the funeral.  A train broke down which meant the train I was supposed to get to make a connection wasn't running and the train after, which should still have made the connection, had to go on a diversion which meant that I couldn't make the connection I needed and they held the funeral back fifteen minutes for me.  They couldn't have done this for a cremation, but it was a burial, so I flew out of the train, into a very expensive taxi and sat on the edge of my seat for the next six miles.  When he slowed to 20 miles an hour (the local speed limit) I nearly cried.

The funeral itself went well, as did the gathering afterwards.  Then I picked the wrong train to get home as it stopped at every hedge corner.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed seeing the beautiful countryside, but I thought I would never make it home before midnight.  I trundled past Delamere Forest, pic below.  They shot, 'Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves' there and when I was young I got the entire family lost by mis-reading the trail signs.

I managed to get home in time to say goodnight to bear.  Now I am making typos and losing the thread of what I'm supposed to be saying, so I'll catch up tomorrow.


  1. Oh could have done without that added stress-x-

  2. What a horribly stressful journey - and at a time of such high emotion! It wasn't your fault Syb, it's not as though you missed the train because of bad timekeeping on your part. I hope you manage to recover today...or over the next few days and weeks, as I suspect it will take some time before the sharpness of the loss dulls.

  3. What can go wrong does when we are stressed, in a hurry or just plain flustered. I'm so sorry. But you made it and the Lord provided you with lovely scenery to set your heart at rest. May your grief be short cause your sweet memories replace it.

  4. Oh, that would have been so stressful! I was late for both my stepfather's and mother's viewings! Step-father's because I had to go to the airport to pick up his sisters and his niece who were flying from different parts of the country and their flights were delayed and then, I had to drive back in the traffic nightmare that is the freeway from the airport. Late for my mother's viewing because I had gone to pick up daughter from her school and the transmission in my car gave out and I had to get that repaired before I could drive anywhere! I was crying with frustration at the service garage!

    Hope you get to rest and relax over the next day or two. Take care.