Friday 11 August 2017

Sorry I've been Absent

I'm naff raffing around a bit.  I suppose the death of uncle has hit me harder than I thought - I hadn't expected it to shake me so much as it was so expected.

However things are much as normal here.  I decided it was definitely the Zoflora that was making me feel poorly.  I decided that after I had splashed some around in the bathroom to hide the smell while I unblocked the toilet.  Eventually it cleared after I squirted a large dose of washing up liquid down and walked away, but it was complicated at times.  I scratched the bowl while I was trying to prod it free with a toilet unblocker as well.  I suppose we are going to have to really concentrate on saving up for a new bathroom sooner rather than later.  Also, bear's pal couldn't come for a long booked play date because, well, we had a blocked toilet.

Of course, this is added to the extremely encrusted freezer which is barely fit for purpose and now we find the top of the fridge is all cracked and broken.  We think it may be because of the Halogen cooker we have on there, but in our defence, the cooker never damaged the last fridge.  Neither of those are 'must replace tomorrow' standard but are pretty much 'must replace next month'.

Bear is currently into Lego, which is great except he likes to keep his masterpieces on display and we don't have that many flat spaces.  I have also needed to sit down after seeing the cost of some of the kits bear is looking at.  Negotiations are ongoing.

On the bright side, I got some coupons from Sainsburys.  If I spend a minimum of £60 per shop for the next three weeks I get £9 off which is a good deal.  If I spend a minimum of £60 for the three weeks after that I get £12 off which is even better.


  1. Lovely to hear from you :-)Perhaps because it was expected, and expected for a while, it is so much more draining. And, I would guess, it's bringing up barely-settled memories of your Dad's death too. It's OK to feel like you aren't coping. You ARE coping, much better than you realise.
    A bit late now, but maybe next fridge, keep the halogen cooker on a tray? That will give a bit of protection to the fridge top.

  2. Lego is indeed expensive! My children also wanted to keep everything that they had built. we compromised - I explained that the joy in Lego is building it and by keeping their models intact they were depriving themselves of the pleasure they could have over and over again. It worked ...some of the time!