Sunday 13 August 2017

No One Hurt

Of course, it may be too soon to say.  You see all sorts of strange things on TV but as far as I can tell we are all okay.

The car in front of the car in front of us slammed the brakes on.  The car in front of us managed to avoid going into the back of them but we went into the car in front.  Poor DH is all shocked, bear and I are okay.  We were only about half a mile from home so bear and I walked back.  I'm sort of writing this straight away as I feel like I have to tell someone.

When we left the poor car, it had a buckled bonnet and I think the radiator was a mess as liquid was all over the place.  I hope it can be fixed, but it is an older car, so there is a chance that the repairs will be worth more than the car.

It's such a lot of naff raff.  No matter what happens to the poor car, there's going to be paperwork in stacks.  DH is going to have to do a lot of sorting out to make sure he can get to and from work.

I also hope the car in front of us's driver is okay.  He was really nice, we were all shocked and he was being incredibly sensible and calm about things.  He seemed fine.

Bear seems unaffected now, though he was shocked at the time, but I'll keep an eye on him.


  1. Often the shock is delayed. I was hit by a car Feb last year. Spun round and landed in a field. Best bit was being cut out by hunky firemen and carried to the ambulance, there was a glamorous female fireperson too. I had laughed and smiled all the way through. But oh boy did I get the shakes when told how lucky I had been. Hope everyone is ok.

  2. Oh No! Thank the good Lord you guys are ok. You may end out achy for a few days but keep an eye out for any unusual aches. Sorry about the car too as they aren't cheap to repair.

  3. So glad to read that no one was hurt. Car accidents can take a lot out of one, even if no one was physically hurt. I am glad that the other driver was so nice. Hope your husband can get a rental car through his insurance so he can get to work and back.