Tuesday 22 August 2017

Getting Better

Thank you for all the kind words and good wishes.  It really has made a positive difference.  I am incredibly grateful.

Things are picking up a little.  Bear and I have agreed that we have killed the cress we were trying to grow on the window sill.  I'm going to make bear look up 'How to Grow Cress' on the internet.  Bear seems to think that soil is involved but I thought it was kitchen roll.  Tomorrow we are having the first go at growing microgreens.  I'm warily optimistic.  Bear has to learn that food is grown.  He will probably learn that food is best grown by someone else other than his mother who isn't that skilled.  It's a learning process.  I have some trays and some seeds and a hopeful attitude.  I'll update as things happen.

I was browsing through Reddit and I found this  I don't want to put the picture, because I'm not sure of copyright, but it really made my day.  It's uncanny - the cat in the picture is the living image of malevolent cat.  The markings are exactly the same, as is the expression of dimwitted malice.  She would happily destroy any seedlings available.  I miss being able to tell stories about that cat, though not having to guard yarn, stuffed toys and tomato soup is a small comfort.

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  1. Ha, ha, I have a cat who will eat any houseplant within his reach. I have to put them up on the top of bookcases. The garden cats will sleep on my potted plants!