Friday 4 August 2017

Shopping Was Useful

DH and bear kept busy while I was at the funeral.  As bear is enjoying Harry Potter, they made wands.  The night before I looked out my glue gun.  I've never used it.  I kept meaning to use it, but it seemed such a big deal so I never got around to it.

They had a run out to pick up the chopsticks (comparatively hard to find) and they made grips with the glue gun and painted them up.  I came home and admired them.  DH decided to go out again on Thursday for dowling to make sturdier wands.  I asked if he would like some sandpaper and the use of a multi function rotary tool (similar to this).  DH was surprised I had stuff handy but said he would find it very useful.  So he went off to get the dowling and mentioned he could also get some varnish as the chop sticks, I mean, wands were already getting chipped.  I told him it was okay because I already had the matt spray varnish that was perfect but I insisted that he spray it outside.

All in all, he found things a lot easier because of all the shopping I had done for the craft I had meant to do.  The next craft project is going to be a new lamp shade for bear's bedroom light.  The current one was a piece of brilliance on the part of DH.  It must be at least five or six years ago and I was keeping bear occupied downstairs while DH sneakily changed the shade to a new Ben10 one on Christmas Eve.  Then when DH came down I grumbled about hearing noises on the roof/upstairs and when bear went up he could see that Santa had sneaked in earlier and changed the lampshade.  He was stunned and it was awesome.  Bear has decided he wants a new one which would be, in his words, more manly.  I have noticed the existence of lampshade kits and I have Doctor Who fabric so, on the strict understanding that there are only low voltage bulbs used, we can go with that.  I may even be able to dig out an old lampshade to re-cover.  I can't do that with the Ben10 as it is just a plastic sheet with no frame.

Today we went to Roundhay Park again.  Justjill - there's no farm there now, but there is still plenty to see which is free.  We just had a great walk and met a lot of friendly, happy, well trained dogs.

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  1. Very nice that you had all those things on hand! :) Love the story of the lamp shade!