Thursday, 24 August 2017

Meal Planning

I fail at meal planning on a regular and spectacular level.  We are planning a meal for a special occasion on Sunday, however, so I'm working out what we're having.  DH will have steak, I will have chicken breast and bear has requested that he has a lamb chop instead of a steak.

I have never successfully cooked a lamb chop.

I can do all sorts of wonderful things, but a lamb chop has always beaten me.  The last time I attempted to I ended up with a dark, greasy object that could be used to hammer in a nail.  Father looked disappointed but unsurprised (it is father's birthday today.  He would have been 86).  I told DH that we would be having beef, chicken and lamb and he said it sounded like the first few verses of 'Old Macdonald had a Farm'.  As far as I'm concerned bear can 'baa baa' here there and everywhere, but I can't guarantee success.  Sunday is going to be a challenge.

Also bear and I have set off some seeds.  They're supposed to sprout quickly and become microgreens in a few weeks.  We planted rocket and basil.  They look like this.

There are this fancy trays designed for microgreens (they saw me coming) and you put seeds on top of kitchen roll on the top and then fill with water in the tank underneath.  You have to spray them regularly until the roots get to the water.  I'm saving any takeaway cartons to use for this in future.

I am a little concerned.  The basil seeds looked like this when we got them out to plant.

Which is normal seed shape to my uneducated eye.  However after just an hour or two the basil looks like this

They have fur!  I am watching with caution.  However I hope to add microgreens to dinners on a regular basis.  It won't save money but it hopefully will add nutrition and bear might eat something he has grown himself.

Also, bear sowed the seeds (sprinkled them on the kitchen towel) and I have a suspicion that they should have been sown slightly thicker.  We shall have to find out how it goes.

Thank you for the advice about the boxes - very welcome!  I had already thrown the empty boxes, but I shall definitely keep them in the freezer and allow bear to be disappointed in future.  However I suspect this is just Round One of the teenage food years.


  1. I could never meal plan to save my life. I failed every time I tried. I gave up! ha. I had to giggle at Bear's "Old McDonald" comment. My friend in Somerset gets teased by me every time she informs me she is having lamb chops for dinner. I sing "Mary had a little lamb that is now running around without its chops" haha. She cracks up of course. I'm a veggie girl so don't know about lamb chops or stuff but I do cook meat for hubby. I will cook pork to death cause I've heard such horror stories about undercooked pork. ewwww. Good luck with your nice Sunday dinner. :)

  2. The trick to lamb chops is to not overcook - only about 2 to 3 minutes per side - and yes, they will be pink - but tender and tasty. Believe me, I learned the hard way! :-)