Wednesday 23 August 2017

Wonderful and Dull

It's been lovely and quiet.  One of bear's pals came round and a large amount of food was consumed.  I hung out with bear and got some knitting done.

I also put together a grocery order to be delivered tomorrow, but what with one thing and another I can't remember what's coming.  It was a rush job and I was negotiating exactly why bear and pal had helped themselves to ice lollies and left the empty boxes in the freezer  How am I supposed to know what to re-stock?

But if finding empty ice lolly boxes in the freezer (again) was the emotional flashpoint of the day then I'm happy.  I threatened bear with a disciplinary tickle, sighed and went back to my knitting.  I'm happy with that at the moment.

As a note - has anyone ever managed to convince teens/pre-teens to not put the empty box back on the shelf but to throw it out and let the main shopper know that something had run out?  Any tips gratefully received.


  1. Had to smile at this one - Just refill the empty box with something they would be disappointed to find if they went to the freezer expecting to get an ice lolly. The total disappointment might just encourage them to report the need to restock next time!!

  2. Empty boxes, empty milk bottles, they were the bane of my life!

  3. stop buying 'em - there's nothing to worry about then ! ha ha

  4. The only way I've found, is to have them suffer the consequences. In Bear's case, no lollies.

  5. How about not buying lollies the next time because he left the empty box in the freezer?

  6. Dont buy any more! They go to the freezer and find an empty box. They will learn....