Wednesday 12 July 2017

Not Harmless Fun?


According to the BBC, police issued a warning against causing criminal damage by making crop circles.  Apparently Wiltshire, the home of Stonehenge, suffers greatly from crop circles.  

Crop circles fascinate me, but not in the standard way.  Did you know that Doug Bower and Dave Chorley actually were filmed making a crop circle - and the film of them was decried as a hoax to hide the real activity of aliens.  There's a documentary out there about it and I watched in disbelief as a crop circle specialist vehemently protested the supernatural origin of a crop circle that Bower and Chorley had been filmed making.  It clearly displays the human ability to look at something happening in front of your face and completely deny that it's real.  

Apparently there was also money in organising conferences about crop circles, writing books about crop circles and giving talks about crop circles.  This has, apparently, died down since the hoaxes have become widely known, but it's very human for that to have been exploited. 

It also shows the very human hunger for stories about things that are strange or unexplained.  I sort of want the circles to be the result of fairies dancing, and I'm quite happy to believe that at the same time being aware of the way the circles can be formed by people, wind, random soil conditions, fungus and subsurface archaeology.  There is a story in the Wiki page about wallabies in Tasmania eating opium poppy heads and causing crop circles by jumping in circles while under the influence.

It must cost the farmers a lot of money in lost crops.  I suppose they could charge admission at the gate to see the circle but it's not the same.  It must be heartbreaking to see that much hard work and investment destroyed by some students with a few planks of wood and a bit of string.  

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