Sunday 9 July 2017

Bear is enjoying stories

We still have the bedtime story and DH and I are hanging on to it for as long as we can - by our fingernails if we have to!  We've had all sorts of stories and tonight we read the penultimate chapter of Volcano Adventure by Willard Price.

It was written over sixty years ago, so a lot of the science is out of date, and there were a few moments when it showed its age, but it is awesome!  It is an adventure story with the main hero being a seventeen year old lad with his younger brother and they get into all sorts of trouble helping a vulcanologist study eruptions in Japan and the Pacific.  There's lots of outrageous exploits of amazing courage and insight and it is very much in the style of 'Boys Own' comics.  It's tone reminded me a little of the old Flash Gordon series, or the Lone Ranger, all 'Doing the Right Thing' and 'Keeping One's Cool'.  It's also packed with all sorts of facts about the science (mainly out of date now), and details about the areas they visit.  I read a few when I was bear's age, and while they have some outdated ideas the story is definitely the stuff that inspires imagination.

It's been the only sort of adventure today, as it's been hot and bear is overtired.  It's the end of the school year and I suspect he's coming out of a growth spurt.  His trousers definitely don't reach as far down as they did.  He still hasn't come up with a reward he wants for his report.  I'm sure he'll think of something eventually.  We are currently looking at games, at bear's request, but as he has started really devouring books, we may be looking at books as well.

Witch Hazel - you are a source of information and awesome ideas.  We have a basic scanner and I think I'll get started on that tomorrow.


  1. I really enjoyed reading to my kids when they were younger. Definitely something to hand onto as long as you can. I read most of the Harry Potter books to my kids. Some of them were really long but we all enjoyed the stories!

  2. Bedtime stories are such a lovely ritual! Definitely hang on to it for as long as possible!

    Wonder what reward Bear will choose? I used to take daughter to the book store as a reward for a straight-A report card. She got to choose a certain dollar amount worth of books and we kept it up from kindergarten to high school.