Saturday 15 July 2017

Interested Bystander

Bear's tummy continues bad.  This is why I missed most of the gossip and wasn't able to offer reasonable sympathy to next door but one when she came back home to find herself burgled.

I was spending time with bear in the bathroom while two policemen checked through our CCTV for information useful for their enquiries.  Our CCTV is legal, so only covers our house, garden and footpath next to us but it's something.  There is footage showing someone checking our house out.  I found that particularly unnerving.  However I didn't get to see most of it as bear is feeling very sorry for himself and needs a cuddle.  I was quite glad, actually, as the place is a complete mess and I felt mortified.

There is currently a lull in bathroom occupation so I am airing my thoughts here.  Also updating a delivery order that is due tomorrow to take into account DH's preference for a recipe for Chicken Biryani with leftovers to be made into Coronation chicken.  It's not very authentic, but it will do.

I'm feeling off balance myself.  I had lots of plans that I can't keep up to as I'm listening out for bear, so I'm going to start a new knitting project to cheer myself up, though I am confident that poor Next Door But One is the one who actually needs cheering up.  It's quite bad.

Also, the little jack russell that lives there was in while the burglary took place and poor thing is barking at everything that moves, including his own shadow.  He must still be traumatised.


  1. Poor Bear! Prayers he is feeling better soon. I detest thieves! My sister called yesterday to tell me that overnight someone has made a ramble through their cars. Just out of their camera's site. The only thing they got though was a little purse of change. They hit the neighbor's cars too and took their GPS. A quick dime at the pawn shop no doubt. Feel better Bear!

  2. Sorry Bear isn't feeling well. How scary about neighbour. We're lucky that nothing has happened in our part of the street. I really don't keep up with the neighbours but we're pretty quiet at this end.

  3. Sorry to hear the youngster is poorly. And what a nasty thing to happen to your neighbour. Summertime makes us more vulnerable as we tend to leave doors and windows open. When I'm in the house, especially on my own, I lock doors. I'm not unduly nervous, but I don't take chances, either.
    Margaret P