Sunday 30 July 2017

Bin continues Yeurk

We get our black bin collected once a fortnight.  This includes everything that doesn't go into the recycling bin - including food waste.  If we miss a collection then the stuff at the bottom is a month old.  This isn't an issue in January, but it is when it is July and August!  Today DH emptied half a can of flyspray into the bin, more in hope than expectation.  My one consolation is that I have got into the habit of washing the black bin out.  I don't do a good job.  I dump a bucket of hot water and some disinfectant, bleach or washing up liquid into the wheelie bin, have a quick rub with an old mop and tip the contents into the gutter in the street in the vague hope that it will keep the weeds down.  Once upon a time the women of this street used to use donkey stone on their steps and do their washing on a Monday in a copper with a race to see who had their washing out first and was it clean.  I definitely and completely do not live up to that.

Also, DH bought bear a Harry Potter wand.  That's fine, he's into Harry Potter and I approve of anything that encourages imagination.  It unfortunately has sound effects.  Bear loves the sound effects.  It's been non stop tinkle all afternoon.  It has a strong resemblance to the sound the new and fancy motion detecting doorbell has, which has only added to the confusion.  The doorbell is not a complete success.  It sounds like a wish has been granted every time a van goes past in the street but is strangely silent on Amazon delivery men.  Royal mail are also able to sneak past undetected but the cat from two doors down sets it off every time.

I'm recovered from the church fair.  One poor teenage lad was dragged into the tupenny roll, which made a profit of £2.50 and kept the kids very happy.  I felt for him.  He met his girlfriend there, who seemed very nice and did not deserve to have the interested stares of dozens of elderly ladies focused on her.

Bless - you always say lovely things.  I don't think I am a quick knitter.  It was a very easy pattern on big needles.

I have 100 4" squares of fabric I bought from eBay under the influence of drink.  I have no idea what to do with them.  I'm quite happy, though, because they were extremely inexpensive and give me an excuse to spend time on YouTube.


  1. I still think you are a fast knitter. Ooh, you can make a lap quilt with your 100 squares! Just do a random "hit or miss" pattern and back with whatever fabric you have on hand. Or, if you feel more up to it, you can do some of the 4-patch designs, with alternating blocks of solid fabric in between. Have fun with it!