Thursday 13 July 2017

More about Bear

Bear seems to have quite a starring role in this blog at the moment.  Today was the last of his Sports Days (they do a lot of sport at the school) and he did okay.  He didn't do well in the 'dribble the football race' and came last, but he came second in the hurdles.  I am particularly impressed by that because three hours later school sent him home as he was poorly.

I don't actually think that there's much wrong with him.  I think he is just tired.  Unfortunately bear's body has two 'go to' reactions to feeling under stress - his stomach gets seriously upset and he runs a temperature.  Both of these make teachers nervous, although they come under 'normal for bear'.   Poor lad, when he came home he couldn't face his favourite treats.

This afternoon wasn't without some learning, though.  Bear was doing his best (not very best because he really is not well) to convince me he needed nerf guns as a reward for the report, so I taught him how to send me a link.  I may regret that.

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