Tuesday 18 July 2017

Candles Have Arrived

They've actually landed at DH's workplace, as someone is always in there and I try and pop out now and again.  He has taken a large shipment of candles in his stride.  It's not nearly as bad as the time 90 ties turned up, or 108 toilet rolls.  He puts up with a lot.  Mind you, we've never run out of toilet paper.  We've never really run out of anything.  I'm not sure that bear understands that running out of things is a possibility.

I do like my candles.  I like either Woodwick or Prices, for the candles that are in my price range.  Lynda posted a comment recommending Homesense, and I agree.  I have scored some incredibly inexpensive Woodwick candles from there and some others that were incredibly good, but not usually available in my price range.  Unfortunately Homesense doesn't deliver and I am back to having trouble getting out of the house again.  I find so many excuses why I shouldn't cross the threshold.  It isn't good for me.  I'm getting a little worried, because it is coming up to the six weeks summer holiday and I won't get many chances to go out anyway, as bear doesn't approve of anything that's beyond the end of the street.

It's been a month of bargains.  First there was the offer from Morrisons of 11,000 points if I spent more than £220 in a month (we needed the new duvets and they were on offer, so that's easily attainable).  Then Sainsburys chipped in.  I had reluctantly gone back to Sainsburys as a more or less one off but DH really likes their lemon and lime flavoured water.  Some of their drivers are awesome, like the one this weekend, but the one the previous weekend was a Creepy McCreepface.  I nearly sent bear to go and get next door's husband for support.  However, I got a coupon that got me £9 off if I spent £60.  It is very easy to spend £60, especially as bear decided that his reward for his report was a nerf gun costing £20 that Sainsburys carried.  I get the same coupon for the next two weeks and then £12 off a £60 shop, and if I use all four coupons I get 500 Nectar Points (which isn't too important to me, but I'll take it if it's offered).  Over that time there's a barbecue we're attending and taking some meat, so there's a lump of the bill, and I nearly bought some of those vacuum space savers to store blankets in the Amazon sale and they are less expensive and a top up to the order at Sainsburys, so I will pick up a couple which will also top up the spend.  They also included a coupon for £10 off a £50 shop which can't be used with other coupons so I may switch it over.

I had nearly forgotten the Amazon Prime Day.  I saved around £60 with that.  I could have saved a lot more and bought less as some of the items were definitely treats, such as the tray of lychee juice drinks (£7.69 instead of £12) which were an indulgence for bear and DH.  I also got a Lion Brand 'Shawl in a Ball' yarn, which was half price and I had been coveting for a while (the shawl is coming on nicely, actually).  I had never touched Lion Brand yarn.  I know it's a big brand in North America (and they have some great free patterns on their site) but it's very much a speciality here so I got quite giddy.

Overall, since the start of this month, I think I've saved well over £100 (nearly £130 just on the candles), and by the end of the month I will probably have not only saved around another £50 or so but garnered up a lot of points on various reward cards to put towards Christmas.  I'm trying to be careful to buy only the things we will actually use or that we really need and that are good value, but I have spent money getting that saving.  I think I shall try and ignore special offers in August.

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