Wednesday 28 June 2017

I Didn't Bleach

My toilet has been neglected.  It isn't at the biohazard stage, but there is a lot of limescale.  With the water round here and my intermittent use of the brush, it builds up really quickly.  Bleach hasn't had much effect in the past as while I am confident it kills germs, it just bounces off the limescale.  Today I poured down a load of white vinegar - perhaps as much as half a pint, left it for a little while and the limescale almost wiped off - no scrubbing!  I may never use bleach again, just a spray of disinfectant and then vinegar.  Or I could use the orange vinegar that Bless uses in a spray bottle - so much cheaper.

As an aside, apparently you can make your own bleach with salt water and a car battery.  Personally I think that is an invitation to disaster in my accident prone kitchen, and inexpensive bleach is extremely inexpensive.  I'm sticking with the vinegar for now.  


  1. I hate to tell you this but vinegar and bleach don't go well together. If you have ever used bleach and then start using vinegar, it will cause a pitting on the porcelain. Sorry!

    1. Oh no! I inspected this morning and there wasn't any that I could see though the pitting may come later. There was a few days between the bleach and the vinegar, so that may help delay problems (I was worried about chlorine gas). I should have known it was too good to be true! I really appreciate the note though, it's really helpful. WS x

  2. I should make myself another batch of citrus cleaner, using lemon rinds, this time! I've tons of lemons falling off the trees because they got "cooked" for the heat (when we were at 108F a few days ago).